How Running Can Help Sooth Stresses

To some, the idea of running is like grilled chicken. Sure, it’s good for you, but it’s bland and boring on its own. However, if you dig deeper you may find that running offers far more than a way to break in a new pair of shoes or a great way to burn calories.

Believe it or not, you can actually shrug off stress while in the process of getting in quality exercise. Meditation is often encouraged while runners do their thing and for good reasons. Your rhythmic pace and breathing offer a perfect place to start.

Even focusing on breathing in and out can put you in a calming place allowing you to break physical barriers on your runs that may have been frustrating you. Perhaps you’d get a stitch in your side after a certain period, or you could only run for so long. While concentrating on something as simple as breathing you may find yourself setting new goals and coming away refreshed instead rather than aching and tired.

Running gives you another opportunity to problem solve, too. Think of a question or situation that’s been nagging you for a day or two. Slip that issue into your mind before your next run. Don’t be surprised if an answer comes to you even if you’re not actively searching for one.

The best part of all this is that there is no way to fail. You’re never doing it wrong. The whole point is to take advantage of the energy being put forth and multi-task. You’ll be in the process of refining both your mind and body with just a few small changes in mental routine.