The Thrills of Freestyle Skiing

Freestyle-skiing is a type of physical activity that’s all about adrenaline rushes and energy. This activity is particularly thrilling for people who are at the Olympic level. Ashley Caldwell is an athlete who knows all there is to know about this sport. She knows how to prepare for amazing jumps like an expert as well. That’s shouldn’t be a shock for anyone who has ever seen her in action doing what she does best.

Mornings are vital for Caldwell. She gets revved up for the day ahead by noshing on delicious toast, eggs and cheese. She occasionally consumes some fresh fruit. She drinks milk and coffee as well. She likes to engage in a little bit of activity prior to making her way over to her hill stomping ground, too. She does a little yoga and stretching. She doesn’t go overboard with the yoga, either. She likes to keep things easy and moderate. Her goal is to encourage her body and mind alike.

How else does Caldwell get ready for her stunning and unforgettable jumps? She manages a few hip motions. Circles can be helpful. Small jumps or microplyos can be just as helpful. Caldwell is also someone who likes to depend on the strength of her imagination. She shuts her eyes and makes a point to envision actions and outcomes. She thinks that she may appear insane to any people who may be around. It doesn’t matter in the end, though. All that matters is how Caldwell tackles the big hill.