U.S. Gymnasts Worry That Program’s Chaos Will Ruin Their Chances

The United States Women’s Gymnastics Team is in shambles after the recent investigations that have rocked the sports world. Many of their sponsors have cut all ties with the team, they do no currently have a training center, and their board of directors have all stepped down. As of right now, the team really doesn’t even exist.

This has made the athletes, many of whom were victims of rape and sexual assault, the true losers in this. Many of them feel that they are being re-victimized, with the one thing they love being withheld from them: gymnastics. With the 2020 Olympics just two short years away, many athletes are without a place to train and fear their window may be closing fast. An Olympic-level gymnast only has a few short years in which to compete given the sport’s rigorous training, and many athletes feat they will not get a chance to realize their Olympic dreams.

A group of over 20 athletes are being forced to continue their training on their own, which is difficult for many. They must live, for the ;time being, with only an “assumption” that the team will be reformed quickly. This hope does not have place in reality for many of the athletes, as the USA Gymnastics has already failed them in so many ways. After years of sexual abuse, it is quite possible that the governing body that failed to protect them will continue to do so. There is no doubt that time is not on their side.