Rick Nash traded to Boston Bruins from New York Rangers

It has been confirmed that the Boston Bruins have picked up the six-time All-Star player Rich Nash. Rick Nash is coming from the Rangers and is part of a multi-player trade deal. The New York team is going to retain 50 percent of the salary that they are going to pay Nash.
Rick Nash joins the team that has ranked 3rd in the Eastern Conference. Nash made out well on the deal. His salary is at the cap of $7.8 million. He is also allowed to become a free agent over the summer so he is looking at an even bigger payday.

Nash played his first game with the Bruins against Buffalo. The team did lose but Nash has said that he felt good to be on the ice with his new team. It is going to take some time to get used to the new lineup but he has a positive outlook on the future. Nash has been on record saying that he wanted to be with the Bruins and they were his top choice as a free agent. While he is willing to play for any team, he is happy to be playing with the Bruins and feels that he is a perfect fit to the team.