Rick Nash Trade Analyzations And Acquisitions

Shocking news in the hockey world and for the New York Rangers. Rick Nash heads to the Boston Bruins. It may seem the trade has been overlooked after the big trade between Ryan Mcdonagh and J.T. Miller. But it’s definitely not overlooked it was in fact one of the biggest trades before the trading deadline. The trade also had implications from the Rangers to have four of the Boston Bruins in return Rick Nash.

Ryan Lindgren

Ryan Lindgren was the 49th overall pick in the 2016 NHL draft. The Minnesota native who The Bruins picked up was one of the four players in exchange for Nash. Linder Man is best known for his lockdown defensive attributes. Lindgren will be a great component being that he takes his defense seriously. Lindgren is 6’0 and about 200 pounds. Lindgren is not a great offensive player though but his defense and trash talking is good for the Rangers caliber.

The Rangers had received a 1st round pick as a package in the trade of Rick Nash. Matt Beleskey was also included in the trade to New York from Boston. Matt was an high percentage shooter when he was on the Ducks then since regressed when joining Boston. He only shot 3 goals in his last 63 games with Boston causing him to be waived by the team. Hopefully he can pick up and the Rangers can rehabilitate his scoring attributes. And last Ryan spooner was also included in the trade to the Rangers. Ryan was a big sacrifice because he scores a great deal of 46 per 82 games. The 26-Year old can play center and wing and is a great asset for the Rangers.