Rangers reach trade sending six-time All-Star Rick Nash to Bruins

Rick Nash has been traded by the New York Rangers to the Bruins. Rick is a six-time All-Star player who has offered many skills to the Rangers. Ryan Spooner is among the men who the Rangers will receive before the 2019 season begins. About 50 percent of Rick’s salary will be kept by New York for the remainder of the season. The team talked to Rick early in the season about the teams that he would be willing to be traded to before sending a letter that detailed some of the faces on the team would be traded to other teams.

Rick will be with Nick Holden in Boston, which puts two familiar faces together in the sport. There is an annual cap hit of $7.8 million that Rick can hit. He is close to hitting that amount as he is 33 years old. Many teams have completed trades in recent weeks including the Bruins. Nick Holden was traded to the Bruins only about a week before Rick. During his career, Rick has been traded only two times. The last time that he was traded was in 2012. The trade was handled during the off-season when he went to the Rangers after playing with the Blue Jackets of Columbus for nine seasons.