Olympics Open and Cyberattacks Begin

The Opening Ceremonies for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang took place on February 9 at Pyeongchang stadium. This year’s winter games got off to a good start. Everything went as planned except for the minor cyber security problem that happened during the opening event.

Apparently, a group of outside hackers had caused a major disruption to the network computer systems at the games. The hackers were able to shut down the official Olympic website for 12 hours and they were able to disrupt some of the media’s technology for broadcasting the games. The major networks were still able to show the opening ceremony events but some of their equipment and hardware was not up to speed.

Olympic Games security forces were on standby while this disruption took place.
The South Korean government went to great lengths to ensure that security at the games was beyond exceptional. They have over 60,000 members of their security forces on standby in case of a terrorist event or to deal with any type of contingency that happens to manifest during the games. They also have the United States ready to help out if they need further assistance.

A South Korean cyber security spokesman said that the disruption at the Opening Ceremonies was a minor inconvenience. They had revamped their security of their networks and websites. The apparent cyberattack helped the South Koreans to immediately strengthen their security networks for the games. Anyone trying to disrupt the network again is going to have an extremely difficult time trying to get it done.