Most dapper at the Oscars: Adam Rippon or Chadwick Boseman?

Adam Rippon broke the mold by being the first openly gay ice skater, and this was just the beginning of a lot of firsts for this champion skater. Adam would not let this be the first area where he stood out. At the 2018 Oscars he decided to break the mold again and wear a harness. It is obvious that he was not concerned about being on the red carpet and looking like someone else.

When social media started to post looks from the red carpet it appeared at one time that Adam Rippon would become the person that was considered the best dressed. Chadwick Boseman would come to the Oscars looking like a royal African Prince, and this would also start some buzz on social media sites. It would be a lot of talk about who had the best outfit on the red carpet.

Many people were quick to praise Adam because he went above and beyond and did something that was completely out of the ordinary with the harness. What people did not expect was that Chadwick Boseman would represent for Black panther. He would prove himself to look like royalty on the red carpet, and this is where the social media buzz started.

Fans started to debate on whether Chadwick or Adam wore it best when it came to the red carpet attire. The margin was very small, but it appears to be Chadwick Boseman. People loved the fact that he what connected to his Black Panther character in terms of his style.