Commonly Asked Sports Questions

There are a wide variety of sports out there to choose from. So how can you know which one is the right choice for you or someone close to you? In this article I will be addressing some of the most commonly asked questions regarding sports

Q: Are Sports expensive to get into?

A: The answer to this question varies between sports; Some sports like hockey, kayaking, or “extreme” sports like motocross can be very expensive because of the cost of the equipment. However there are sports that require little or no money to get started such as running (all you need is a decent pair of shoes), basketball, or soccer.

Q: Which sport is right for me or someone I know?

A: There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a sport you wish to participate in, such as:

Do you wish to participate in a team or individual sport?

How comfortable are you with physical and/or rough contact?
Would you rather be competing against others to win, or trying to set new personal records?
How much time or money are you willing to invest in a particular sport?
What are your strengths? examples being; Strength, endurance, agility etc.

Q: Will sports teach me or my child skills they can use outside of sports.

A: Yes Absolutely! Sports teaches perseverance, determination, focus, and the importance of being healthy; all of which can be translated into there everyday lives.

Thank you for reading and remember the most important thing when choosing a sport is to make sure it is something that you will enjoy doing, it shouldn’t feel like a chore.