Canadian Football League’s Super Promotion

The Canadian Football League’s big promotion for fans has been completely nonchalant, but through the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and Instagram; That is soon to change. There are an acceptable number of fans that have been bread into the whole CFL narrative is second to the NFL. Although this is not entirely a false narrative, it does hold some weight when it comes down to money. In order for the CFL to bolster its very satisfying fanbase, it must draw in more money with money. After all, it does take healthy investments into the right advertising and marketing markets in order to bring in the NFL type of money; This is where the CFL investments into social media are going to pay off in huge dividends. Social medial has been both a match and the gasoline when it comes to getting the word out, and around about peoples perceptions on issues that have been quiet and dormant.

Although the CFL players salaries don’t compete with NFL salaries, they are quite attractive to main street players; Players that have gone through 4 to 5 years of college and having obtained a degree, and still want to play can. They can make, or start out with the equivalent wage earnings as a college graduate going into the work place for the first time. If there are any sponsors out there looking for an exorbitant advertising pathway, I’d put my money on the CFL.