Argos and Posey

The Toronto Argonauts football team has had a rivalry with former teammate lately, and it’s been growing ever since said former teammate has been going with the B.C. Lions. That player, known as DeVier Posey, has been playing with the B.C. Lions as well as being in prior teams before this and after leaving the Argos; he was with the Baltimore Ravens before joining the B.C. Lions, which was what he chose to do after he was released from the NFL club, even after his 11 receptions for making 111 yards within three games.

Posey brings up how many players in the Lions have been training more lately, especially when he joined the Lions, with many regards towards being prioritized in performance or staying in reality. His fellow players initially doubted his performance, as did his coach, but they were able to have a decent score after their matches while Toronto began to lose up to five times. Even without Posey, Argos will still want to compete against the Lions and the former team member. While the losses that the Argos had would seem to make them look as though they are giving up easily, it turns out that they aren’t giving up at all. The team may no longer have an experienced ally that is now with their new rivals, but there is never any fear that the Argos’s would share, as the news of Posey working with their rival means players practice in becoming a perfectly higher match.