Adam Rippon Wore A Leather Harness To The Oscars

Anytime the Oscars comes along there is always going to be talk about the red carpet. Social media has become the outlet where people voice their opinions and give their praises for these exciting outfits that they see celebrities wearing.

There are always a lot of interesting gowns, and lovers of fashion want to hear who a certain celebrity is wearing when it comes to a certain designer dress. For 2018, however, there was a male figure that made a great effort to steal the spotlight from any of the women on the red carpet. The first openly gay male skater Adam Rippon made sure that he made headlines when he decided to wear a leather harness to the Oscar awards.

It is unclear if he knew that this leather harness would be such a showstopper and a social media buzz worthy hit, but it appears that this is exactly what has happened. Adam has become someone that has gained recognition from people that are not even fans of ice skating. A lot of people that may not have known anything about him woke up to find headlines in the fashion world about his bold move.

When someone makes a move this bold on the red carpet it shows one thing. This was a clear statement that Adam Rippon was going to be doing his own thing. He did not follow any type of rules or formats for the red carpet. He wanted to make his own path at the Oscars.