Adam Rippon: First Gay Figure Skater

Can you say unapologetic, gay and slay the runway? Well, that is what happened when 28 year old, Adam Rippon, an iconic Olympic figure skater got invited to the Oscars. He is the first openly gay, American man to qualify for the Winter Games this year.

Rippon not only is he making bold statements with his sexuality and skill set as a athlete but also with his attire. Under his tuxedo he wore a black harness, to an event that one would normally wear a button up shirt to this type of event. Along with his fly guy wardrobe he wore a black bow tie and eschewed socks.

This look is by Moschino and so S&M-inspired. Fans and people of fashion instantly took to the internet immediately to show their love and support. This outfit had social media on fire as the photos circulated the internet.

As a United States figure skater, Rippon won a bronze medal for his team. He has recently been a main figure in the headlines of social media recently, challenging anything anyone has to say about him directly. On Febuary 13, he offered words of encouragement to other gay people, “Sometimes we the gays need to be reminded more often,” that this is liberating and awesome thing whether you are gay or not.”