Adam Rippon Isn’t Here For The Hate As He Responds To His Critics After Wearing Harness To The Oscars

Adam Rippon has been in the news lately and he is responding back to all of the people that have said hateful and negative comments about him. He recently made news, not for his skating ability but his choice of clothing. Adam Rippon wore a harness to the Oscars and many people are talking about it.

Rippon has made a statement and said that he was just trying to be himself. Some say that this suit was inspired by the bondage lifestyle. The leather harness had a black jacket and a white dress shirt underneath. The harness came with a black leather bow tie.
Rippon felt comfortable in his look and he liked it. He knew there were going to be people that were not happy with his choice of clothing. Some are expressing support while many others are expressing their dislike for this outfit. Some have said that he was prepared to go for a party afterward but Adam has just stated that this is his sense of fashion and he will not change himself no matter what people say. Adam has said that he is happy with who he is and he does not care what the critics have to say about him. He also mentioned he had a great time at the Oscars and will not apologize for his choice of clothing.